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There’s a lot of conflicting research about red wine and the ingredient resveratrol.  It supposedly can stop or slow aging and it helps weight loss.

Here’s the most recent report that resveratrol mimics dieting for obese men.

And here’s a New York Times article that covers a lot more.

One thing that seems apparent: you would have to drink many bottles of red wine to get the effects of resveratrol which could lead to other health problems.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a good Pinot or Cab, but not that much.

So, we get our resveratrol through a nutritional drink, AIO.

We take it every day and we get a concentrated amount of resveratrol – along with some super foods and natural anti-inflammatories.


You really have no excuse to avoid getting in shape.  You might be stuck in your house for bad weather.  You might be in a hotel on a business trip.  Or you can’t afford a gym membership.

It doesn’t matter.  You can use your computer or your TV.

Let’s look at your computer.  I train two clients who live on the west coast, even though I live on the east coast.  They train with me twice a week – over the computer.  We use a Skype and a computer camera.  Signing up for Skype is free.  No one leaves their house.  We set up a time and then get to work.

Your TV is loaded with workout help.  Your best bet is Exercise TV.  You can also try your local cable provider for workout videos.  The instructors are professional and there is a wide range of workouts: strength; weight loss; core strength; stretching; and yoga.


A Diet Plan I Use

by dalyworkout

This plan and these two products work fabulously for me. I feel good and it allows me to work out and still enjoy the food I love while maintaining my weight.

Remember: before you do any dieting, you need to contact a physician.

The first product I take is JavaFit Diet 62. It curbs my appetite for hours.

The second product is AIO, a nutritional drink. It gives me all the nutrients I need to feel good while my appetite is curbed.

Here are the reasons this combination works for me.

Diets fail because as you’re reducing your food in-take, you’re also reducing the nutrients your body needs to feel good and to work out. You don’t feel good, so you eat. This is why so many people drop a lot of weight but put it back on right away.

An aside here: Many reports say our obesity epidemic is tied to the lack of nutrition in our food. The USDA has said the foods from 50 years ago have 10% to 40% more nutrients than the food we harvest today. As a result, we have to eat more calories to feel nourished.

With this combination, the JavaFit curbs my appetite; I don’t feel hungry. Yet, I don’t feel under-nourished because I have taken AIO. I can go about my day, including work outs, without craving food or feeling like I am on a diet.

What if you’re not a coffee drinker? If you can’t take caffeine, then this is not for you.

What if you don’t like the taste of coffee? Then you’re like me. I was never a coffee drinker. So, to drink JavaFit, I cheat. I make iced coffee and I add a creamer (yes, some calories there) and the sweetener Stevia.

AIO also works for me and some friends. We have two friends who love the effect on constipation. One friend calls it, “Poopy juice.” A warning about AIO: it has niacin and you can get a red-faced flush.

Again, if you use these products, check with your physician first.